Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello Neighbor!

I'm on a mission. With Michigan being in the straights it is with our fledgling economy something's gotta give.Michigan is known as the automobile capital in the world, yet that can't be the only thing that defines us. Of course, we have the wonderful Great Lakes, seemingly endless miles of beautiful shoreline, and Motown. However, there is a plethora of delicious food both grown and manufactured in Michigan. Whether it is food that is grown in backyard gardens or farms, created in kitchens or featured in restaurants there is no reason we have to buy anything beyond our state borders. It is all here. We just have to change our mindset about what to eat..
When you are shopping at the local supermarket, ask yourself: Was it grown here? How many Michigan citizens did it employ? Is the food in season? With that in mind. What would your refrigerator and pantry look like?
For example: My 'fridge has food from these Michigan companies: Bareman's (milk), Dairy Fresh (butter and cheese), Hamilton Eggs. I don't buy orange juice because oranges aren't grown here. Not like I never buy OJ, it's just that when I have to make a conscious purchasing choice; I can live without it. My pantry features Michigan food companies such as,Velvet Peanut Butter,Michigan Black Beans and of course, Kellogg's cereals. Take a look in your pantry. How many of your staples can be replaced by Michigan products?

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