Monday, May 11, 2009

Four Ways To Become A "Locavore"

    Locavore: n A person who attempts to eat only food that is grown locally.

  1. Tear Up Your Lawn-Manicured lawns evolved out of the Industrial Revolution. They were status symbols implying that the owner of the estate had money to spare. Lawns can be expensive and time consuming to maintain through fertilizing, watering and mowing. Why not grow something that can be just as beautiful, but will sustain you and your family as well?
  2. Shop Beyond The Supermarket-If you aren't up to growing your own then think of buying from the farmer's market, joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) or frequenting a local farm where you pick your own produce. Your money is kept in the local economy thereby making it stronger. You will have piece of mind because you will know where your food originated. Carbon emissions are greatly reduced because food miles are nearly non-existent, thus it's good for the environment.
  3. Break Bread-A forgotten tradition of a leisurely and relaxing meal together can be key to establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with our families and neighbors. Take time. Perpetuate the enjoyment of a coveted family recipe. Make it from scratch. Use real plates, glasses and silverware. Use cloth napkins. Have meaningful conversations. Consider mealtime as a ritual. Your digestive system and possibly your waistline will thank you!
  4. Learn Old Time Cooking Skills-Do you know how to can, freeze and dry the excess bounty for enjoyment when it isn't in season or readily available? Do you know how to make homemade bread or yogurt? What about maintaining a root cellar? How about foraging? The next time the power goes out and everyone is flooding the local supermarket in a panic, you'll be glad you do!
If you can pick just one of these locavore-minded ways to adapt into your lifestyle your family, community and environment will benefit greatly! Additionally your health will improve and your sense of empowerment will be immeasurable for you are in control of how you sustain yourself and your loved ones. Isn't that enough of a motivation? Come on. Give it a try!

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