Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spinach Frittata

I made a wonderful dinner tonight using what was in the garden and what was left over in the fridge. Also, with our chickens laying regularly now I had a bunch of eggs that needed to be used: hence, Spinach Frittata.
A frittata is an Italian omelette. It's usually made with eggs,veggies, meat and cheese. However, it's baked in the oven as opposed to preparing it on the stovetop. I find it fairly easy and you can make it as simple or complex as you'd like.
Tonight's frittata consisted of spinach, from the garden, and roasted potatoes, from last night's dinner, with some shredded parmesan.
Without getting too "formal" here is what I did: Took an oven-proof skillet and sauted some garlic and green onions in a little bit of olive oil. Next I added the roasted potatoes and spinach from the garden. I'd say about a cup of each. Let them cook for a bit to wilt the spinach and heat up the potatoes. Meanwhile I took 8 eggs and beat them in a mixing bowl and then added some salt, pepper and little hot sauce. Finally, I added the eggs to veggie mixture, stirred them then popped the skillet into a 400 degree F. oven and baked them for about 30-40 minutes. After the eggs were set, I took the skillet out of the oven and sprinkled some grated parmesan cheese on top. Cut the frittata into 8ths and serve straight from the skillet. That's it! Very easy and very easy to customize!

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MC said...

That sounds like a great meal.