Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making stock using chicken feet

My college aged daughter is in home for the break and has been struck with a nasty upper respiratory infection.  Being the nice mama that I am, I decided to make some chicken soup for her to make her feel better.  However, it wasn't going to be just your ordinary chicken soup, it was going to be made from stock made from chicken feet.  According to Sally Fallon author of "Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats" Jewish folklore states that there is a medicinal quality associated with stock made from chicken feet and other chicken parts, and science supports it.  That's why it's called "Jewish Penicillin". Apparently, the gelatinous texture of the reduced chicken parts renders the nutrients better able to be absorbed by the body.  Plus, it just tastes heavenly.
Even though I raise chickens they were still using their feet at the moment, so I went to Hiller's Market to buy the feet.  I had seen them packaged next to the turkeys and always wondered who purchased them. Hiller's is known for their excellent customer service and one of the meat cutters actually came out to answer my myriad of questions. My query was answered that it was only the professional personal chefs who purchased them. That was a good enough answer for me!
I searched on line for a recipe and used this one.
Tonight I'll be using this stock which will actually be a demi-glace to make chicken noodle soup.The stock will be so concentrated that it will resemble a gelatinous goo. I'll take one part stock to three parts water and  will make the broth that will be the base for the soup.  I'll be adding some left over turkey from Thanksgiving (so it's not technically chicken soup, but turkey will do, carrots  onion and celery.  I'll also add some German noodles. I'll serve it with some crusty bread that JJ baked.  We all will be nourished and, hopefully, Janie will feel better.

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